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Mr. HOW Warehouse, originally HomeOwners Warehouse was an American chain of home improvement stores owned by Service Merchandise from 1983-1986. It was headquartered in Margate, Florida.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

HomeOwners Warehouse was founded by Patrick Sher, former executive of the Lindsley Lumber Company, in 1983, with the first store opening that year in Coconut Creek, Florida that year. At the time of that store's opening, a second store was under construction in southwest Broward County, with a total of twenty stores planned across the "sunbelt". The company was acquired by Service Merchandise that same year, shortly after the opening of the first store, in a deal that was struck in reportedly, only 3 days.[2] In 1986, the chain, then renamed to Mr. HOW Warehouse, closed all 5 of it's Chicago area stores. At this time, according to a survey done by Value Line, the chain had already been unprofitable for "some time".[3] These stores were later sold to Handy Andy.[4] Later that year, the New York Times reported that analysts estimated the company had lost $10 million in the first quarter, and industry publication National Home Center News reported that the chain was planning to sell all remaining units, though at that time, the company, which had already halted construction of several stores, declined to comment.[4] In August 1986, Kmart purchased 16 Mr. HOW stores, 12 operating and 4 under construction, for $104.2 million. These stores were to be converted into units of their own Builder's Square chain, with three stores in south Florida reopening as soon as October 1986.[5] Two units were also purchased by Central Hardware, with those stores reopening in March 1987.[6]

Services & Programs[edit | edit source]

The chain was known for it's unique policy of offering 10% of the product's cost as credit towards your next purchase. The chain also offered installation services for ceiling fans, water heaters, and ventilators, and featured booths for "Mr. How" where an employee would provide information on various D.I.Y. projects using a computer or one of 51 different available pamphlets.[7]

Locations[edit | edit source]

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Address City State Notes/References
Brevard Mall Palm Bay Florida Opened 1984, former JCPenney[1]
4847 Coconut Creek Parkway Coconut Creek Florida Opened 1983[7], 1st store[2]
Louisville Kentucky
Louisville Kentucky
Fort Lauderdale Florida
Coral Ridge Mall Fort Lauderdale Florida [8]
Pine Island Ridge Plaza Plantation Florida [9]
5557 Northwest Expressway Warr Acres Oklahoma [10]
6161 Glenway Avenue Cincinatti Ohio [6]
4865 Dixie Highway Fairfield Ohio [6]
905 E Golf Road Schaumburg Illinois [11]
Anderson Township Ohio [12]
North College Hill Ohio [12]
Nashville Tennessee [12]
Knoxville Tennessee [12]
Jacksonville Tennessee [12]

References[edit | edit source]