Retail Decor Rarity Guide

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The Retail Decor Rarity Guide (RDRG) is a chart measuring the rarity of retail decor packages and elements such as signage, shopping carts, and more. This list was devised by BatteryMill, and it made its introduction in December 2020.

Guide[edit | edit source]

  • Active - Any decor packages or elements which are presently being installed in new and/or remodeling stores. This applies to both primary packages and secondary packages that are being remodeled to successors, yet continue to be implemented. Examples: P20 (Target); Evergreen (Publix); Imagine (Meijer); Artisan, Banner, Neighborhood, Remix, and Urban Mix (Kroger); Quality Built (ACME)
  • Least Concern - Packages that have been retired, but are yet to be remodeled anywhere or are only being replaced in small numbers. Examples: Black Decor 2.x (Walmart); Stag (Meijer); Bountiful (Kroger); Sienna (Publix); Premium Fresh & Healthy (ACME)
  • Declining - Packages that are the primary target of remodels, though continue to exist in decent quantities. Examples: P09 (Target); Project Impact (Walmart); Century Gothic (Meijer); Invigorate (Publix); Flagship Script (Kroger); Santa Fe (ACME)
  • Vulnerable - Remodeled or removed from most stores, with only a few instances remaining in the chain. Examples: P97 & P01 (Target); Reinvention (Meijer); Kroger Spirit (Kroger); Classy Market 1.0 (Publix); Broadway (ACME)
  • Extinct Outside the Wild - Phased out chainwide and unable to be found under normal circumstances, except for recycled instances within stores. Examples: P93 (Target); Pineapple (Meijer); Wavy Pastels (Publix)
  • Extinct - No known instances remain. This applies mostly for small retailers and pre-1980s packages. Examples: P86 (Target); Metallic Marketplace (Publix)