Retail Graveyard of Canada

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Here's a non-comprehensive list of retailers that used to operate in Canada. Some of these retailers may still operate in other countries, revived in name only by other companies, or as online only retailers.

Last updated March 31st, 2021.

Retail Graveyard of Canada list
Name Years in operation Fate Status
Kmart Canada 1929-1998 (brand still active in the US) Financial troubles with parent. Defunct. Stores sold to HBC and converted into their brands, mostly Zellers
Justice 1987 (As Limited Too)-2020 Bankruptcy of Parent company, Ascena. Brand to be resurrected by Bluestar Alliance. Defunct
Le Chateau -2020 filed for creditor's protection due to COVID related decline Defunct
Payless Shoesource 1958-2018 (North America) Bankruptcy. North American stores closed. International stores remain open. Still active in some countries
National Sports 1968-2021 Canadian Tire closed the chain. Brand defunct
Pier 1 1962-2020 Bankruptcy due to the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic. Defunct. Brand still active
Sears Canada 1953 (as Simpsons-Sears) -2018 Bankruptcy. American chain still exists for the time being. Brand still Active in some countries
Target Canada 2013-2015 Infamous failure of Canadian expansion. Stores closed by 2015 Division Defunct. Still active in the US
Woolco 1962-1994 (in Canada) Stores closed down due to underperformance. US stores closed in 1983. Parent company defunct. Defunct. Most stores sold to Walmart in 1994 with some being sold to Zellers
Zellers 1931-2013 (chain) 2020 (remaining stores) Target acquired most of their good stores, so HBC decided to close the rest of the chain. 2 remained in operation until 2020. Revived as a experimental store-within-a-store in Hudson Bay